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Why Is My Site Not Converting?

You’ve probably done a lot of research and thinking about how to get traffic to your website. You doubtless considered your search engine optimization and you may have invested in online advertising. Perhaps you’ve been very active on social media or even gotten into influencer marketing. You’ve built your brand and believe you have a quality product or service to offer. 

You’re seeing your traffic go up, but your conversions are not matching it. Even if you’ve got plenty of traffic, you need to do some deliberate work to improve your conversions. Here are some of the main reasons that your site isn’t converting and how to fix it.

Your Site Looks Good but Isn’t Action Focused 

This is one of the easiest mistakes for businesses to fall into, especially since so many website design platforms make it easy for anyone to create very attractive websites. You may have been sure that the graphics are excellent and the pictures quality, but without a good sense of direction, your attractive site won’t result in sales. 

high-quality graphic designer knows how to build a site that looks good but is simple and clear enough to make your goal the primary target. Every page of your site should have the goal of driving customers towards sales pages and resulting in conversions. This requires a lot of work mapping out pages, creating good internal links, and developing other ways to redirect traffic on your page, like pop-ups.

You Aren’t Explaining Why Your Customer Should Purchase From You

You may expound at length on the quality of your service or product, but if you don’t make it clear how you’re different from your competitors, you’re not going to make it more likely that a  visitor to your site will become a sale. Many companies don’t want to be too on the nose about comparing themselves to competitors, but it’s a good idea to emphasize the ways in which you are different and better than anyone else your customer might be considering. 

This makes it a lot more likely that a reader will consider your products seriously. A motion graphic infographic is a great way to provide comparisons between your competitors and you and make it clear to your customers why you are the ideal choice.

You Aren’t Engaging Your Customers 

Creating a highly engaging site and establishing good communication with your customers is extremely important to generating sales. Customers don’t just want a company that has quality products or services. 

They want a company that they believe in and feel connected to. Increasingly, customers expect an experience similar to what they might have in retail. They want to have a back and forth with the company even before they make a purchase. 

If your website isn’t set up to establish this kind of communication, you may be missing out on sales. Here are a few ways to engage your customers more thoroughly.

Social Media

If you’re not on social media, you are absolutely missing out on an important opportunity not just to extend marketing but to make stronger connections to your customers. Your customers are on social media to socialize and live real aspects of their lives. 

Being a presence on this sort of platform will make your customers feel closer to you and go a long way to establishing trust. Your presence on social media needs to be consistent and regular to be effective. Content should be tailored to the specific platform you’re publishing on so that you don’t give a mass-produced feel to your social media campaigns.

Chat Pop Up

A chat pop-up is a great way to engage your customers in a very similar way to what they’d experience in retail. Time the pop-up to occur around 20 seconds after your customer is on the site and ask them if they need any help or offer a great discount on a product they were considering. For this to be effective, your auto intelligence needs to be well designed, and ideally, it will be easy for the customer to connect to a real person through the chat pop up.

Blogs and Forums

Not every business can host consumer conversations on their own platform, but those that can may benefit from a substantially increased conversion rate. You are probably already producing a blog to benefit your SEO and build trust with your customers. 

To develop communication further, don’t just use the blog to deliver information. Use it to ask your customers questions. Encourage engagement and even offer rewards for commenting on the blog post or engaging with you. This can be a great way to get customers to engage with one another on your platform and also create better communication between your customers and your company.

You’re Giving Your Customers Too Many Options

Options are good, right? When it comes to marketing, not necessarily. Too many options can overwhelm your customers, making it more difficult for them to make a decision and more likely that they’ll keep shopping. 

Ideally, you’ll offer around three products or services in a broad category. Make it clear to customers that if they need something different, they should just ask. You won’t have to change anything about the way you produce products or services, but packaging in this way makes it easier for most customers to choose what they need quickly. 

It also allows space for customers with more specific needs to feel like they are getting a customized product. Make sure that all of your marketing offers clear and distinct choices between a couple of key categories.

You’re Confusing or Frustrating Your Customers

You want using your site to be a fun and pleasant experience for customers. If your pages do not link to one another logically, your menu options send customers off on wild-goose chases, or your website otherwise presents a confusing experience, your customers are much less likely to make a purchase. 

Frequent pop-ups, advertising that is not well-thought-out and targeted, slow pages, and other distractions can be frustrating for your customer and make them dislike your site and company enough to decide not to purchase. 

Make sure that you go through your website as though you were a customer and be sure that it is a good experience. Your graphic designer should be able to help you organize your site in a way that is clear and easy for customers.

You Are Being too Technical

For the vast majority of businesses, your goal is to get your customer on your site and get them buying your product and service. For the customer, the goal is to get on your page and choose the best product or service for them as quickly as they can. 

You don’t want to over-explain or make demands that customers have more extensive understanding of your area of business than they really need. Leave the technical information for internal conversations. Your site and blog should have very user-friendly and easy to understand language, regardless of your business model.

Improve your Conversion Rates

If your site isn’t converting as well as you want it to, you’ll likely be relieved to learn that there is quite a lot that you can do about it. The first step is to hire a quality graphic designer who can be on board with you to make your conversion rates all that they can be. 


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