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The 10 Most Effective Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

It doesn’t matter much how many visitors you get to your site if you don’t have a high enough conversion rate to generate significant income. You work hard for every click to your site, so if you’re only getting a customer from every thousand visitors or so, you may feel like you are putting more work and money into your website than it is worth. 

Wherever you are in your website design, it is very wise to work on improving your conversion rate. Here are 10 very effective ways to do so.

1. Add a Pop-Up 

Pop-ups are annoying, right, so why would you want one on your site? The answer is that pop-ups, when used effectively, can be very good at generating conversions. 

The trick to using pop-ups well is to offer some kind of meaningful and valuable content. Consumers are used to pop-ups with cheap advertisement and demands for information. They tend to click right through these. 

However, if you offer a clear and polite offer in your pop-up and make it easy for the customer to close out of the pop-up, it is much more likely that the customer will click the pop-up, and a sale will be generated. Here are some examples of how to do pop-ups right:

2. Delay Pop-ups.

Don’t have the pop-up come on to the screen as soon as your customer gets on. Delay for from 15 to 30 seconds so that you’ll know your customer is already well engaged in the page before you offer the pop up.

You can also choose to trigger the pop up when your customer gets to a certain part of the page that corresponds with the offer you want to give or the information you want to relay. 

3. Offer Something of Value 

A pop up with an ad for a non-discounted product or service or demanding email addresses is unlikely to generate a conversion. On the other hand, if you offer more through your pop-up, you are much more likely to generate a sale. Here are a couple of ways to do it:

  • Pop up with a chat interface. A chat interface makes it seem as though your site has a customer service representative politely asking the customer if they need any help while they’re browsing. This is especially effective when you delay the pop-up.
  • Discount or coupon offers. Make it a good offer, and make it time-sensitive to make it more likely that you will convert a customer. If someone is on the fence about making a purchase, seeing that they can get a reduced price on something they were considering makes it much more likely that they will go ahead and commit.

4. Don’t Be Annoying

Pop-ups are inherently a little bit annoying to the reader, so do everything that you can to make them as inoffensive as possible. Keep track of cookies so that pop-ups only appear once so that your customer won’t feel pestered by the same pop up over and over again. 

Make it extremely clear how to close the pop-up with a big clear X in the right corner. Also, keep track of how pop-ups appear on different sized screens to ensure that the X doesn’t appear outside of the area, requiring the user to scroll for it.

5. Don’t Ask For More Than You Need

One of the fastest ways to scare away a new customer is asking for more information than you need to let the customer access more from your site. Asking for email addresses or other contact information you don’t technically need for checkout before taking payment makes it much more likely that your customer will abandon their cart. 

Collecting email addresses and other contact information is important, but don’t risk a sale to do it. A much better way is to ask for an email address after the sale to offer additional coupons or discounts.

6. Prove your Legitimacy

Most consumers are much more comfortable purchasing online than ever before, but there is still a lot of concern about fake sites or companies promising more than they have to offer. Your customers may be viewing your site and wanting to purchase your product or service, but they may be worried about doing so because they are not convinced that you are a legitimate company. Proving your legitimacy is essential to increasing conversion rates. Here are a few ways to do it:

7. Testimonials and Reviews 

Ask for testimonials from your customers by name and make sure they are clear on your website. Ideally, have some big names that people can recognize and make the logos clear. Your customer will realize that you are unlikely lying about taking such a big customer. 

You can also link to your ratings on external review sites. A list of logos across your homepage of companies that use your product or service is a great way to build instant trust.

8. Know your Stuff

One thing that customers will be looking for as they check out your website is whether you have extensive understanding of whatever area you are doing business in. A blog is one of the best ways to prove that you understand the content around your business. 

Whatever product you make or service you offer, provide high-quality, well-cited, and researched blog articles so that your customers know that you know what you are doing. It is also a good idea to be very thorough with your landing pages. 

Videos showing your company in action or teaching customers how to do something are also great ways to build legitimacy. Infographics are an ideal way to offer a lot of valuable information in a structure that your customers will enjoy reading and be more likely to remember.

9. Create an Attractive and Highly Functional Site

Websites that aren’t easy to navigate, don’t have fun and appealing visuals, videos, and graphics, and don’t engage the consumer are less likely to keep consumers long enough to convince them to make a purchase. 

The more fun and interesting your site and the more engaged your customers are as they learn the information you have to present, the more likely they will be to develop trust in your site and want to stay on it longer, making it much more likely that a sale will result. 

Partner with a well qualified graphic designer who can tailor all of your website and social media platforms to engage your customers and drive sales.

10. Be Clear 

Just as important as a site that is very functional and looks good is a site that clearly presents the information you have to offer. Your graphic designer can create infographics, icons, and other ways to present the information concisely and clearly. 

They can also tailor your headlines and lists to work as well as possible to keep your customer interested. The right combination of visuals and text content is much more likely to present information well and convince your customer to make the purchase.

Get Started Increasing your Conversion Rate 

Whatever your current conversion rate is, you likely want to see it improve. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do with the help of a good graphic designer to build the kind of site that turns readers into customers.


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