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Social Media Logos: Making the Perfect One for Your Business

As the power of social media becomes more prevalent in our lives, connecting to audiences on social media becomes increasingly important. Social media icons are one great way to let your customers know that you are on social media and connect with them there. Here’s what you need to know about how to make the right social media icons for your business. 

What Are Social Media Icons For?

By now, most of us are used to seeing social media icons in a number of places. Most websites have social media icons somewhere on the homepage. Emails also frequently have social media icons in the footer. 

You probably know that when you click a social media icon you will be brought to the company social media page and often encouraged to like it. Social media icons are an effective way to connect with your customers on social media. 

However, too often, social media icons are put into place but not actually linked to an active social media page, which can hurt rather than help. Social media icons should only be used when you have an active social media account to link to.

Benefits of Social Media Icons

If you are on social media, you want to let your customers know about it. You spend a lot of money marketing on social media and creating quality content, so you want your following as high as possible. Here are a few of the other advantages of putting social media icons on your material

Connect With Your Audience

Having a presence on the social media platforms that your customers are already using shows that you are committed to connecting with them where they are. It indicates that your business is aware of current trends and is interested in adapting to changing norms. You want your audience to feel like you understand their needs, so connecting with them on social media is well worth doing.

Future Marketing Opportunity

If your customers follow you on social media, you have that much more opportunity to reach them with new marketing. When you run a raffle or giveaway or seek out feedback, your customers will be better able to participate and connect with you if they follow you on their social media platform of choice.

Avoid Pop-ups or Other Invitations 

Displaying social media icons directly on your website or email footer gives people the opportunity to follow you on social media without an annoying pop-up. If you want to use pops to increase following on social media, you can also create a pop up offering a discount or other opportunity if they follow you on social media by clicking the icon, offering you the best of both worlds. 

How to Put Social Media Logos on Your Material

Adding social media logos to your marketing material, websites, and everywhere else isn’t hard, but it is very important that you follow certain regulations. These social media platforms have their own regulations about how their logo should be displayed. Don’t be concerned about making a logo look appropriate to your site. There are usually at least a few variations to choose from. 

Guideline Overview

Here are a few examples of social media brands and how you should represent their logo. You’ll notice that there are big differences between the amount of flexibility allowed by different platforms. 

The most simple way to integrate an icon into your material is to download the icon and use it directly. However, if you want to manipulate the icon in any sort of way, it’s important to work with a graphic designer and follow the rules very carefully. There can be serious consequences for misrepresenting social media icons.


Facebook is always represented by the distinctive F logo. The link should go to your Facebook page. You can also use the F logo to refer to content from Facebook that is on your products, such as a channel on your web page. 

The logo can be represented in either white or blue. You should not fabricate or animate objects in the F logo or modify it in any way by changing the scale, color, or design. If the traditional colors can’t be used, you can use black and white. 


Instagram is represented by a glyph icon, which looks vaguely like an old fashioned camera. The icon is white on a faded pink and red background. They also have an app icon, which should be used if you’re encouraging people to download Instagram. 

Otherwise, use the glyph icon, downloadable from Instagram. You can choose a black glyph on a white background as well as the multicolored version. Instagram offers some variability in their design since you can change the glyph to any solid color as long as the rest of the design is the same. 


If your business has the capacity to produce quality videos, a presence on YouTube can be hugely beneficial. YouTube offers a couple of convenient downloadable options, each of which carries the distinctive font and the play triangle on a rounded rectangular like an old fashioned screen. 

There is an option with a white background, a black background, and a monochrome logo. YouTube emphasizes that the spacing between words shouldn’t be changed and that no other colors than red, white, or the almost black utilized by YouTube is used. They request that the black full-color logo should be used on lighter backgrounds while the full-color logo should be used on darker ones. 

How Important Are Major Social Media Channels?

There are practically no businesses that are unaware of the power of social media to some degree, but you may question how valuable it is to be on multiple social media channels. After all, it sometimes feels like new social media outlets are coming out all the time. It can be exhausting to keep creating enough content for all of the different channels. 

However, the same customers who might follow you on one platform may not on another. Even people who have multiple platforms often spend more time on one or another. You may find that your content does best on a platform that you did not expect.

For the vast majority of businesses, it is worth the effort to invest in as many social media platforms as you can afford to maintain while still maintaining a good presence. Keep in mind that if your performance on social media platforms goes down for any reason, it will negate the value of being on the platform at all, so only commit to as many platforms as you can really maintain.

The Value of Unique Content for Your Social Media Channels

If you try to make the process of content creation easier by mass-producing content for all of your various social media channels, you will likely fail to create positive associations with your brand. Therefore, it is best to hire a knowledgeable graphic design specialist to design content specifically for the platform that you’ll be on.

Incorporate Social Media Logos Successfully

The best way to ensure that social media logos look great on your site and are in line with all of the social media regulations for displaying their logo is to hire a skilled graphic designer to help you. This way, you’ll know that you’ve Incorporated the logo successfully, not only according to regulations but in a way that looks great on your site no matter how your customers are viewing it. 


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