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Motion Graphics: Four Things You Might Not Know

We live in a world that is highly saturated in media of all kinds. Advertisers are constantly looking for new ways to get and keep attention long enough to form the desired impression. 

Video may be a more effective advertising strategy than static ads. However, motion graphics can form a segway between image and video, creating the sort of attention-getting movement that you want in a format that is easier to produce and generate throughout your venues.

Whether you need to keep the attention of viewers to teach your employees, inform potential customers, or advertise, motion graphics can be helpful for you.

Ways to Use Motion Graphics That You May Not Have Thought Of

Some motion graphic techniques are fairly straightforward, but this is a growing industry with constant new applications. Here are some ways that you can use motion graphics that may not have been immediately apparent to you.

1. Use Infographics

Infographics have become an essential part of advertising and teaching in the past decade or so in which they’ve been popularized. Infographics can present information in as interesting and easy to digest a way as possible. 

By pairing information with visual representation, data can stick more easily in the mind of the reader. Furthermore, this way of representing information is very engaging and interesting, and so likely will hold attention for longer. As a final benefit, infographics enable you to pair information with emotional import to create the desired impression on the reader.

Animated infographics can go even further to educate and engage the reader. They make it even simpler for the reader to understand, since they don’t need to follow the order of an infographic, but can simply watch it happen as an animation. 

This kind of infographic is an advantage to the website as well, since you won’t need to take up pages of space with an infographic image. If your primary goal is to display infographics online or as advertisements, an animated infographic is a great way to go.

You may be surprised by how easy it is for a high-quality graphic designer to produce a number of animated infographics for you. That means that you can develop well-crafted infographics for all of your social media platforms, television advertisements, and for use internally. 

Customized animated infographics communicate important information better. They make it easier for your team to stay up-to-date on what they need to know and also ensure that you are constantly producing the highest quality infographics for your customers. 

2. Animate Important Phrases

Content creators are always trying to make content more accessible for skimmers. Headings are very helpful to break up text and make it easier for people to choose which parts they want to read.

However, animating a very important heading or key point from the text is an even better way to ensure that you get your reader’s attention. You can pull out a quote and animate the background and even the text with a graphic that makes sense for the content. 

This is an excellent way to attach emotional import to a particular quote. For instance, if you are quoting something negative, use harsh colors like reds to create a negative connotation with that quote.

If your content is broken up into different subjects, for instance, different types of plants, you could animate each heading with that type of plant waving in the breeze. This kind of animated heading can grab attention and get your reader to keep looking at the page where otherwise they would have skimmed on.

3. Play Out a Conversation

Dialogue is one of the most compelling aspects of written or video content. You can also use motion graphics to play out conversations. This is an ideal technique if you have important streams of quotes in your content or if you want to create an example of a situation playing out. 

There are a number of ways that you can use motion graphics to create a conversation in this way. Mimic texts appearing on a phone screen or have speech bubbles over cartoon character heads. 

You can do a lot to communicate your ideas and engage the reader using motion graphics to engage them as a third person in a conversation.

4. Draw Comparisons

One of the most effective techniques for motion graphics is to create comparisons. Because motion graphics can so easily be loaded with emotional import, you can create a connection with your products or desired outcome being positive and the alternative being negative.

Is your bungie stretchier than the alternative? Show your bungee being stretched out further on an appealing background color or image while the competitor’s bungie is shown on a less attractive color scheme and not stretched as easily, perhaps with a cartoon character showing frustration.

Is your service faster? Show your service arriving promptly to a satisfied customer while the competitor’s customer is still waiting for their service. It doesn’t take a lot of motion to create the sense of comparison that you are looking for. 

How to Make Successful Motion Graphics 

Having a good idea for motion graphics and knowing how to use them effectively doesn’t guarantee that you can make them well. These are generally fairly simple graphics, although they can be as complex as you want them to be. 

In general, the goal of motion graphics is to be simple and straightforward so that they’ll load quickly and have the desired effect without taking a lot of time or money to make them. If you want to incorporate motion graphics into your marketing or informational content, it’s very important that you can have them produced quickly to a high-quality that accomplishes your goals so that you can produce enough for all of your platforms and needs. Here are some keys to making a good motion graphic:

Great Communication

You need a graphic designer who excels in communication, not only in listening to what you want, but in discussing with you what is possible, what is difficult, and what may not be worth the extra effort. A lot more goes into successful graphic design than the layperson generally knows, so it is up to the graphic designer to communicate well and make sure that the end design meets the needs of the company.

Fast, Quality Design 

Motion graphics don’t need to be extensively complicated works of art to be successful. They do, however, need to be created rapidly enough for the information presented in them to have the desired results. Therefore, you need a graphic designer who can create a lot of designs in the order of priority that makes sense to a quality that will meet your needs.

Matches your Brand

Motion graphics can be a little more challenging than some other areas of your marketing to make sure that they match your brand correctly. Because there are some moving parts and you’re using color for emotional response as well as to communicate brand image, it’s important that your graphic designer understands how to incorporate your brand while still making a very quality graphic that looks great and communicates the correct message.

Choose a Quality Graphic Designer

The best graphic designers can create beautiful motion graphics that communicate your message for a reasonable cost and at a rate that can seriously affect the success of your marketing strategy. There are all kinds of ways to use motion graphics for your marketing, so talk to a graphic designer about what they can do for you.


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