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Tips For a Killer Video Ad

We have all been there before. Whether it is while we are scrolling on social media on our phones and computers, flipping through the television channels, or maybe stopping to take a gander at an incredible billboard advertisement. Regardless of where we have seen them, or even regardless of the product, we have all stopped whatever it is that we are doing because of an interesting advertisement. 

Not many people recognize this, but there are certain reasons as to why we may stop for these advertisements. Maybe the product is something we want/need? Or, maybe the product is the solution to one of our problems? Your job as the client is to know what your product has to offer and how you want to be represented, and our job is to create those visions! There is a formula and a particular approach to creating a video ad that converts, and in order for this formula to work, there are specific components that your video needs to have!

Here are some tips for creating a video ad that converts:

  1. Make sure that you have a catchy and thumb stopping introduction to your video advertisement. Studies show that the audience is most likely to react to your advertisement if they are hooked within the first three seconds of the video. Here are some examples of components you may find in the first three seconds of an ad that converts well:
  • A question to propose to your audience
  • Flashy and interesting text animations
  • Interesting camera angles that grasp the audience’s attention
  1. Include user testimonials about your product in your video ad. These testimonials can be anything from online reviews to showing your products in use. The idea here is to assure your audience that your product has served people well in the past, and is ready to serve them well in the present. Unboxing videos have also been helpful in creating an ad that converts.
  1. Talk about where your product has been seen before! This is your time to brag, especially if your product has been featured in popular media outlets, or if it has been endorsed by particular people! This can help give you and your brand more credibility, leading to further trust with your audience and potential customers!
  1. Make sure that you address the parts of your product that make it different from the rest! Talk about its benefits and the problems it may fix! The more we get to know your product, the better chance of getting us to buy that product!
  1. Generate a sense of urgency, especially if your product has been flying off the shelves like it’s the hottest new thing! “Hurry! Sale ends soon!!” or “Buy Now!” can enlist more people to act quickly.
  1. Finally, if you haven’t done so already, always end with a call to action. Telling your audience what to do next will incentivise them to act accordingly, and when that happens, you will know that your ad has converted well!!

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