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Tips For a Killer Creative Brief

Let’s face it, nobody knows your brands better than you do, and when it comes to creative ads that convert, we want to know as much as humanly possible about your clients, your products, and your client’s products!! At Konstant Kreative, there is no such thing as being too specific when it comes to your project requests, and as a matter of fact, any information regarding the subject of your project is entirely welcomed with arms wide open! If you are looking to get the most out of our service, there are certain tips that you should follow when requesting a project. In order to create a killer brief, follow these simple ideas: 

  • Make use of the Ad Inspiration feature: by doing this, your editor will receive a blueprint of how you would like your project to look in its final stage.
  • Use third party apps like Google Drive and Dropbox to share brand documents such as guidelines, assets, and any other relevant brand information (just make sure that the files are shared so that way anyone with the link can view it).
  • Provide copy: doing this will let the editor know exactly what you would like your project to say.
  • Type up a layout of how you would like your project to look as it plays through! This can be done by telling your editor what should be on the screen at a specific time, and how it should look as well. 
  • Tell us what you are looking for: this can be done on the third page of the project request form, and the section is designated for a full and descriptive instruction guide for your editor to follow. Things to include here are instructions of which assets should be used and how you would like them to be used, target audience, and any variations you would like your project to have.
  • Finally, when everything else is filled out, we recommend that you create a Loom video for your editor where you walk through everything, including the Ad Inspiration that you chose to model your project after. 

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