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How to Share Your Assets

When working with us at Konstant Kreative, one of the main channels in which we get to know you as a brand is through the assets you provide for the brand itself, as well as any new project that is created for that brand. In order to get the most out of our platform, it is integral that these assets are accessible to us and the editors who are responsible for creating your projects. But first, we should identify the difference between a set Brand Assets and a set of Project Assets:

Brand Assets: these are assets that you, as a brand, choose to represent yourself with. This may include guidelines, videos, photos, graphics, etc that are all used to paint an image to the outsider looking in. These assets can be shared and updated at any point in time when you are managing your brands.

Project Assets: These assets are different from your Brand Assets in the sense that they are designated for one specific project that you have with us. These assets can be shared with us whenever you create a new project in the section of the project request form that is titled “What are you looking for?”

Note:  it is super important and cannot be stressed enough that any links that are shared for either the Brand Assets or the Project Assets are accessible to the editor who is designing your project. The link has to be shared where anyone who has the link to the file can view the file. 

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