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How to Review and Download Your Project

When it comes time to review and download a draft of your latest project from one of our editors, it can be accomplished entirely through the Creative Review tab on your dashboard! Follow these simple instructions to access the latest completed version of your project:

  1. Locate the project under “Client Review” on your dashboard and select the desired project.
  2. When the pop up box appears, click on the “Review Link” tab at the bottom of the box. This will redirect you to the project in a third party application called Frame. 

While in Frame, you are able to do a number of things in regards to your project. First of all, if a change needs to be made to the latest version of the project, you can comment that change in the comment section located directly underneath the video output screen on a selected file in the Frame folder. Along with this, you can also download your project files in Frame by selecting the “Download” button located directly at the top right hand corner of the screen!

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