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How to Request a Copy of a Project With the Same Editor

With Konstant Kreative, it is not uncommon for one of our clients to work with the same editor on a project if they are pleased with the work that the editor has done for them already. As clients, you can always reach out to our creative directors with a request to work with the same editor on a new version of one of your projects, but the easiest way to do this is through the dashboard. Allow me to show you how!

When you log onto your Dashboard, navigate to your projects in “Client Review”. If there is a project in this section that you are fully happy with, select the button “Mark As Complete”. Now, let’s say that you loved this project so much that you wanted to create a very similar version of it, but with a few changes. You can very easily make this happen, and even get the same editor to work on it, by navigating to your “Completed” section. 

Once you are in this section, select the project that you want us to recreate for you, and select the button that reads “Duplicate Task”. After hitting this button, a form pops up, and at the bottom, there is a text box. In this text box, you can add the new instructions for the editor to follow. Once all of this information is updated, select the button that reads “Create Request”. 

After this, the updated project request will then be put back into the queue, and the editor who finished the original version of that project will be notified that a new version of your project needs to be made. 

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