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How to Leave a Comment

When it comes to your projects, feedback is always encouraged throughout the entire creative process that an editor endures when visualizing your brand. Through the use of Frame, you are able to leave comments to your editor as each variation of your project is completed. For example, let’s say that the first draft of your project is in Client Review, and that there are a few suggestions you would like to make to your editor. Those suggestions could be left in the form of comments in the Frame folder that you are linked to from the Client Review section on your dashboard. When viewing those projects in the browser, or the application, you can post comments in the comment section below your project. As a matter of fact, you can even post comments at specific time codes, meaning that your editor will know exactly where they should look when revising the project in the next draft! 

When your comment is posted, an editor will be notified of the desired change to your project, and will be able to begin their revision process as soon as possible!

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