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How to Add Team Members to Your Account

Here’s a scenario for you. Let’s say you have just hired a new partner who is supposed to oversee the projects that you are making with us. However, the email you used to sign up for Konstant Kreative is a personal email, and not a company account. It would be pretty easy to just give your password to your new employee to log in, but by doing that, you are sacrificing your own privacy. That is why we have made it possible for you to add team members to your account! To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. When you log into your account, navigate to the left hand side of the screen, and click on the button that is labeled “Settings”.
  2. Once you are in your settings, move the cursor to the bottom of the page, and click on the button that says “Invite Team Member”.
  3. Once clicked on, a pop up window will appear. In the box, type the email address of the person you would like to share your account with. This will be a separate email from the one you have signed up with. 
  4. Once the email has been typed, click the button that says “Send Invitation”.
  5. After this, your new team member will receive an email from Konstant Kreative. The email will contain a link in which the new member will click on.
  6. Once they click on that link, they will be directed to a welcome page. On this page, they will type their name, email address, and they will create a new password. 
  7. Once all of this information is filled out, they can log into the account! Once logged in, they will engage with our onboarding process, and are now a new member of your team!

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