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Understanding Your Dashboard

Congratulations!! You have successfully created your account with us at Konstant Kreative, and we are so excited to start working with you! The most integral aspect of our creative ventures with you lies directly in your client dashboard. Here, you will be able to send project requests, receive play-by-play updates of your projects’ progress, and you will be able to directly reach out to us for any last minute updates and necessary changes that will enhance your creative vision. The dashboard is split up into six separate sections that showcase the stage of your projects, allowing for fully transparent communication between ourselves and you, our valued customer. The six sections are:

  • New Project: This is where you will submit your project request forms.
  • Queue: All of your projects that have not been started appear in this section. Once an assigned editor has begun to work on the project, it will move to the next section.
  • Work in progress: An editor has begun to work on your project and it will be ready shortly!
  • Quality check is going on: Once the first draft has been completed by the editor, the project will then be subjected to a review from our creative director. This is done to ensure that we are creating not only the project you need, but the project that you deserve!
  • Waiting for your review: After the project has been approved by our creative director, a preview of the project will be available for you to examine. If there are any new requests or changes you would like to make, you can feature those changes in the comment section, and they will be sent directly back to the assigned editor. If the project is met with a satisfactory response, you can click on the approve button!
  • Project has been completed: Congratulations! Your first project is complete!

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