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Join us. From anywhere.

We’re on a mission to Get a Design Subscription that’s Affordable for Everyone.

And we’re hiring!

How we work

Freedom and flexibility

In over a dozen countries across 17 time zones, we log into Slack and work when it suits our schedules. As a team, we communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take responsibility for our work.

Learning on- and offline

In your first few weeks, you’ll have an immersive remote onboarding experience where you’ll learn about our product, our culture, and our business. Next, meet with your team to pick up new skills and tools. We continuously support your professional development through ongoing feedback from your manager and peers, one of our team values.

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging

Bringing people from all backgrounds together is the goal of our global community. Throughout the year, we have open discussions about topics like gender equality, unconscious bias, and celebrating our differences. As a member of our team, you agree to abide by a code of conduct.

Interesting problems to solve

Konstant takes your already existing assets and turns them into performance-focused creative. Konstant doesn’t shoot original concepts. Imagine you have a product photograph.

Camaraderie from afar

We build bonds despite being 100% distributed – daily conversations in chat include topics such as #fun-scifi and #fun-cooking. We make space for everyone’s flavor of fun.

How we hire

Our application process is non-standard. An online form asks you a few questions about your qualifications for the position.

Once we review your application, you will be notified about its status and the next steps of our recruitment process. That’s why our team is in touch with you from the moment we invite you to participate in a test project to the moment you are onboarded.

Our goal is to keep you informed about the status of your application no longer than seven days after it has been submitted.

Our positions

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