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How to Create Motion Graphics

The value of visuals has been known for years, but recently video has been rising in popularity over using static visuals. After all, people are becoming more and more accustomed to more engaging media. 

If you want your content to compete, you will likely be looking for ways to make it stand out. Motion graphics are an excellent way to take advantage of video advertising without having to put as much effort into it as video. 

Furthermore, motion graphics can be used in ways you probably have never thought about. Here’s what you need to know about how your graphic designer can help you create motion graphics that can transform your content and advertising campaigns. 

What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are a relatively new concept, especially to mainstream media. They’ve been around for quite a long time, but only recently have we begun seeing them in a lot of everyday advertising, social media, and shareable content like memes. 

Motion graphics can be 3D or 2D. They can utilize text, images, cartoon figures, or just about anything else. About the only thing that motion graphics have in common with one another is that they are trying to tell a story or communicate an idea, and they are short repeatable clips. Motion graphics can be used to replace text like a heading or a quote. They can animate an infographic, and so much more. 

How to Use Motion Graphics

Once you begin to get a sense of what motion graphics can do, it will seem incredible how many ways you can use them. Here are just a few of the great ways to utilize motion graphics with the help of your graphic designer. 

Animate Onto a Video

One of the best ways to advertise effectively is to help your readers conceptualize something important about what you want to communicate. Animating directly onto a video is a superb way to draw a connection between your product and the video you’re presenting. 

For instance, a baby food company illustrated trucks bringing and processing fruit over the video of a family dinner table. By showing the entire production process in a family home, they make a connection between their products and family values. The unexpected visual of the animation over the video used in this way creates a very compelling video that it’s hard to look away from. 

Animate an Infographic

Infographics are extremely effective ways to communicate to your readers. They can make information more memorable and make difficult to understand information much clearer. 

As an added benefit, infographics can help you to create emotional connections between your products and positivity. Animating an infographic with motion graphics is a great way to make it even more accessible and fun for your readers. 

It also saves you a lot of space on the page if you are making a long infographic. Animation can draw more connections than are easily available in static images alone, such as drawing arrows between points, fading information in and out, etc.

Build a Strong Brand Connection

If you are just starting your brand and want to make customers remember it, a motion graphic is a great way to do it. Try a fun motion graphic involving your brand, such as building your brand logo from different material, making your logo bounce through different screens, or any other way of causing customers to stare at your icon while it does things. 

This is a superb way to make it more likely that that logo will stick in the minds of your customers. A short video like this can be put before other informational content, incorporated on your homepage, and used in a number of other ways. 

Make an Emotional Connection

You may be surprised by how a simple motion graphic can cause an emotional response and connection in your readers. A short film showing how your product or service can be beneficial in people’s lives, showing something connected to your company overcoming challenges, or otherwise evoking a positive emotional response in your customers makes it much more likely that they will view your company positively.

Draw Attention to Aspects of the Content

You probably already break up your content into headers, lists, and images to make it more digestible for skimmers and improve SEO. Motion graphics can go even further to draw attention to parts of your content that you want your customers to pay attention to, like important headings, quotes, or statistics.

Why Use Motion Graphics?

If you don’t have motion graphics in your campaign at this time, you may wonder why they are something worth incorporating. Motion Graphics have a number of things going for them beyond what can be accomplished through images and videos alone. Here are some of the reasons that you might want to use motion graphics.

Customize Your Brand

It can be hard to get images and videos that do a good job of communicating your brand image, but motion graphics can incorporate your font, color, voice, and pretty much everything else that is important to your brand into the graphic subtly but effectively. 

high-quality graphic designer who gets to understand your brand well can consistently create motion graphics that go further to build positive associations with your brand in the minds of customers and are more likely to be remembered.

Get and Keep Attention

In an oversaturated market, you need to work hard to get your customers’ attention and keep it. Motion graphics are excellent at getting attention and keeping it while effectively delivering your message. 

Since people often learn visually, we may understand more readily through diagrams, graphics, and charts. These are just the sorts of aspects that go into quality motion graphics. 

Your customers will be more likely to thoroughly understand and digest the information that you present when you present it through motion graphics. They’re also more likely to watch it in the first place. 

Communicate Difficult Ideas

One of the primary goals of most marketing campaigns is showing customers why your service or product is superior to the competition. However, this may sometimes require communicating fairly complex information to the consumer. 

Consumers have short attention spans in the first place, so asking them to digest difficult material may cause them to abandon your site. Motion graphics are a superb way to communicate difficult ideas like extensive comparisons, lengthy processes, and anything else which might make it difficult for your customers to understand the information you need to impart to them.

Easy to Share and Load

Motion graphics are generally short and simple, which means that they load quickly and easily onto your customers’ browsers. If your customer enjoys a motion graphic that they see on social media, it is very easy for them to share it. 

The simplicity in motion graphics means they can be embedded directly into websites to jazz up headlines and quotes or other content within the page without your customer having to hit play. 

Pick a Great Graphic Designer for Your Motion Graphic Campaign

If you want superb motion graphics, Konstant Kreative can do it for you. We are able to design motion graphics that are perfect for communicating your brand and have the desired effect on your customers. If you want your business to stand out in a stimulation-rich environment, motion graphics are a must. 


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